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An imgproxy preset is a named set of processing or info options. Presets can be used in processing URLs or info URLs via the preset option to make them shorter and more human-readable.

Presets definition

A preset definition looks like this:


Options should be defined in the same way they are defined in processing URLs and info URLs. For example, here's a preset named awesome that sets the resizing type to fill and the resulting format to jpg:


Read how to specify your presets with imgproxy in the Configuration options guide.

Default preset

A preset named default will be applied to each image. This is useful when you want your default processing options to be different from the default imgproxy options.

Only presets

Setting IMGPROXY_ONLY_PRESETS to true switches imgproxy into presets-only mode. In this mode, imgproxy accepts a presets list as processing options just like you'd specify them for the preset option:

You can enable or disable the presets-only mode for the info endpoint using the IMGPROXY_INFO_ONLY_PRESETS config. If IMGPROXY_INFO_ONLY_PRESETS is not set, the info endpoint respects the IMGPROXY_ONLY_PRESETS value.