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Version: 3.24.x

Serving files from OpenStack Object Storage ("Swift")

imgproxy can process images from OpenStack Object Storage, also known as Swift. To use this feature, do the following:

  1. Set the IMGPROXY_USE_SWIFT environment variable to true

  2. Configure Swift authentication with the following environment variables

    • IMGPROXY_SWIFT_USERNAME: the username for Swift API access. Default: blank
    • IMGPROXY_SWIFT_API_KEY: the API key for Swift API access. Default: blank
    • IMGPROXY_SWIFT_AUTH_URL: the Swift Auth URL. Default: blank
    • IMGPROXY_SWIFT_AUTH_VERSION: the Swift auth version, set to 1, 2 or 3 or leave at 0 for autodetect.
    • IMGPROXY_SWIFT_TENANT: the tenant name (optional, v2 auth only). Default: blank
    • IMGPROXY_SWIFT_DOMAIN: the Swift domain name (optional, v3 auth only): Default: blank
  3. Use swift://%{container}/%{object_path} as the source image URL, e.g. an original object storage URL in the format of /v1/{account}/{container}/{object_path}, such as, should be converted to swift://images/flowers/rose.jpg.