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Version: 3.21.x


imgproxy can send its metrics to Datadog. To use this feature, do the following:

  1. Install & configure the Datadog Trace Agent (>= 5.21.1).

  2. Set the IMGPROXY_DATADOG_ENABLE environment variable to true.

  3. Configure the Datadog tracer using ENV variables provided by the package:

    • DD_AGENT_HOST: sets the address to connect to for sending metrics to the Datadog Agent. Default: localhost
    • DD_TRACE_AGENT_PORT: sets the Datadog Agent Trace port. Default: 8126
    • DD_DOGSTATSD_PORT: set the DogStatsD port. Default: 8125
    • DD_SERVICE: sets the desired application name. Default: imgproxy
    • DD_ENV: specifies the environment to which all traces will be submitted. Default: empty
    • DD_TRACE_SOURCE_HOSTNAME: specifies the hostname with which to mark outgoing traces. Default: empty
    • DD_TRACE_REPORT_HOSTNAME: when true, sets hostname to os.Hostname() with which to mark outgoing traces. Default: false
    • DD_TAGS: sets a key/value pair which will be set as a tag on all traces. Example: DD_TAGS=datacenter:njc,key2:value2. Default: empty
    • DD_TRACE_ANALYTICS_ENABLED: allows specifying whether Trace Search & Analytics should be enabled for integrations. Default: false
    • DD_RUNTIME_METRICS_ENABLED: enables automatic collection of runtime metrics every 10 seconds. Default: false
    • DD_TRACE_STARTUP_LOGS: causes various startup info to be written when the tracer starts. Default: true
    • DD_TRACE_DEBUG: enables detailed logs. Default: false
  4. (optional) Set the IMGPROXY_DATADOG_ENABLE_ADDITIONAL_METRICS environment variable to true to collect the additional metrics.

imgproxy will send the following info to Datadog:

  • Response time
  • Queue time
  • Image downloading time
  • Image processing time
  • Errors that occurred while downloading and processing image

Additional metrics

When the IMGPROXY_DATADOG_ENABLE_ADDITIONAL_METRICS environment variable is set to true, imgproxy will send the following additional metrics to Datadog:

  • imgproxy.requests_in_progress: the number of requests currently in progress
  • imgproxy.images_in_progress: the number of images currently in progress
  • imgproxy.buffer.size: a histogram of the download buffers sizes (in bytes)
  • imgproxy.buffer.default_size: calibrated default buffer size (in bytes)
  • imgproxy.buffer.max_size: calibrated maximum buffer size (in bytes)
  • imgproxy.vips.memory: libvips memory usage (in bytes)
  • imgproxy.vips.max_memory: libvips maximum memory usage (in bytes)
  • imgproxy.vips.allocs: the number of active vips allocations