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Version: 3.19.x

Getting an image info pro

imgproxy can fetch and return a source image info without downloading the whole image: just send an HTTP GET request to the imgproxy's /info endpoint and imgproxy will respond with a JSON containing the image info.

The request URL path should consist of the /info prefix, a signature, and a source URL, like this:



The signature part should always be present in a URL. If the signature check is disabled (no key/salt pairs are provided), the signature part may contain anything (for example, unsafe or _).

A signature protects your URL from being modified by an attacker. It is highly recommended to sign imgproxy URLs in a production environment.

Once you set up your URL signature, check out the Signing the URL guide to learn about how to sign your URLs. Otherwise, since the signature is required, feel free to use any string here.

Source URL


The source URL can be provided as is, prepended by /plain/ part:


If the source URL contains a query string or @, you'll need to escape it.

Base64 encoded

The source URL can be encoded with URL-safe Base64. The encoded URL can be split with / as desired:


Encrypted with AES-CBC

The source URL can be encrypted with the AES-CBC algorithm, prepended by the /enc/ segment. The encrypted URL can be split with / as desired:


Response format

imgproxy responses with a JSON body and returns the following info:

  • format: source image/video format. In case of video - list of predicted formats divided by comma
  • width: image/video width
  • height: image/video height
  • size: file size. Can be zero if the image source doesn't set Content-Length header properly
  • exif: Exif data
  • iptc: IPTC data
  • xmp: XMP data
  • photoshop: Photoshop metadata (currently, only the resolution data)
  • video_meta: metadata from the video

Example (JPEG)

"format": "jpeg",
"width": 7360,
"height": 4912,
"size": 28993664,
"exif": {
"Aperture": "8.00 EV (f/16.0)",
"Contrast": "Normal",
"Date and Time": "2016:09:11 22:15:03",
"Model": "NIKON D810",
"Software": "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.1 (Windows)"
"iptc": {
"Name": "Spider-Man",
"Caption": "Spider-Man swings on the web",
"Copyright Notice": "Daily Bugle",
"Keywords": ["spider-man", "menance", "offender"]
"xmp": {
"aux": {
"ApproximateFocusDistance": "4294967295/1",
"ImageNumber": "16604",
"Lens": "16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0",
"LensID": "163",
"LensInfo": "160/10 350/10 40/10 40/10",
"SerialNumber": "12345678"
"dc": {
"creator": ["Peter B. Parker"],
"publisher": ["Daily Bugle"],
"subject": ["spider-man", "menance", "offender"],
"format": "image/jpeg"
"photoshop": {
"DateCreated": "2016-09-11T18:44:50.003"
"photoshop": {
"resolution": {
"XResolution": 240,
"XResolutionUnit": "inches",
"WidthUnit": "inches",
"YResolution": 240,
"YResolutionUnit": "inches",
"HeightUnit": "inches"

Example (mp4)

"format": "mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2",
"width": 1178,
"height": 730,
"size": 984963,
"exif": {},
"video_meta": {
"": "9",
"compatible_brands": "isommp42",
"creation_time": "2022-01-12T15:04:10.000000Z",
"location": "+46.4845+030.6848/",
"location-eng": "+46.4845+030.6848/",
"major_brand": "mp42",
"minor_version": "0"